industrial finance

Government departments offer an array of financial support schemes to stimulate and facilitate the development of sustainable, competitive enterprises by providing accessible incentives that effectively support national priorities. A variety of financial programmes seek to support the development or growth of commercially viable and sustainable enterprises through the provision of either funding or tax relief, thereby ensuring the creation of new and sustainable jobs. The intention is to increase participation in various areas of development. Most of the incentives are housed within the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition, with a few others in other government departments.

Industrial Financing?

the dtic plays an important role in facilitating and supporting the growth of private investment and thus jobs and industrial output. One of the ways in which this is done, is through Industrial Finance. This is usually provided in instances where normal market mechanisms are not sufficient to enable the development of local businesses.

the dtic stimulates and facilitates the development of sustainable, competitive enterprises through the provision of incentive programmes that support national priorities (i.e. Reimagined Industrial Strategy). The department provides financial support to qualifying companies for various economic activities, including manufacturing, business competitiveness, export development and market access, as well as foreign direct investment.

It is important to note that all incentive schemes on offer by the dtic have their own specific guidelines and qualifying criteria, which have to be met, prior to financial support being extended to such qualifying companies.

Financial products categories generally mirror the stages involved in project development:

Manufacturing incentives catalyse additional economic activity, supporting the broader participation in the mainstream economy.

The key focus is to assist businesses owned by individuals from historically disadvantaged communities and marginalised regions.

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The innovation cluster supports pioneering technology with its application attempting to improve the status quo of the South African industries either through producing better products for current market needs, delivering faster and more efficient processes or just providing more effective solutions to current industry problems.

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The service investment cluster is aimed at encouraging increased investment and job creation in the services sector. 

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