Aquaculture Development and Enhancement Programme (ADEP)


To stimulate investment in the Aquaculture sector and broaden participation in the sector.


South African Registered Entities engaged in the following operations:


  • Brood Stock
  • Seed Production
  • Juvenile (spat, fry, fingerling) operations including hatchery and nursery facilities
  • On-growing operations


  • Post-harvesting handling, eviscerating, packing & quick freezing
  • Filleting, portioning and packaging
  • Value adding: curing, brining & smoking
  • Waste stream handling


  • Feed manufacturing,
  • R&D projects
  • Privately owned aquaculture veterinary services

Reimbursable cost-sharing Incentive Scheme of up to a max of R20 million for qualifying costs:

  • Machinery and equipment;
  • Bulk infrastructure; ( in water & electricity infrastructure);
  • Owned Land (only applicable to small black enterprises);
  • Buildings (Ponds, cages, tanks, etc);
  • Leasehold improvements, capitalised in the balance sheet (lease agreement at least 10 years);
  • Rental Costs (only for small black enterprises) capped at R20 000 p. m, claimable at stage 2 only;
  • Aquaculture feed, up to a max. of 10% of total costs (capped at 20% for small black enterprises);
  • Competitiveness improvement activities (e.g. skills development) up to R500 000;
  • Commercial vehicles and work boats (owned/ capitalised financial lease), not to exceed 50% of total qualifying costs.
  • EIA, Permits authorization and costs (only for small black enterprises);
  • Mentorship up to R200/hr, 8hr/day capped at R200 000/ approved project